Launch is more than a training program.  It is a church planting solution that will assist and confront the ever-increasing challenges that church planters face. This initiative will allow missionaries the opportunity to receive in-depth training and special financing opportunities that will assist them to 'launch'.  For more information, please click on the tab "How does it work?"


  • Each Launch Missionary will be required to launch with a team approach.  
    • We feel this is the safest and best way to effectively establish churches.  
  • Church planters will be required to begin by initiating preview services.
    • This approach will help eradicate some of the immediate frustrations that accompany church planting.
  • Complete all on-going training as required by North American Missions.
    • We are interested in growing men and women as well as churches.


  • Approved missionaries will be responsible for raising 25% of their budget.  
  • North American Missions will assist approved missionaries with special funding.


  •  February 4 - 9, 2018 at World Headquarters UPCI, 36 Weldon Spring, MO 63304